The family of seven – a mother with children aged 2 months to 14 years – lives in the vicinity of Novi Sad. There is no water and electricity in their two-room “house” with holes in the roof and walls. They live on social assistance and from what they find in the dumpster bins.

Even at this level of poverty the house is well maintained, the children are tidy and the house is tidy. The mother regularly takes them to kindergarten and school; since September, they also have a first-grade pupil. They struggle for survival every day, and their primary concern is to provide food for children.

We invite people of good will, who are willing and able, to donate:

– FOOD (only groceries that can be stored outside the refrigerator – you can bring them to our office, Arse Teodorovića 3, Novi Sad from 8 am to 4 pm),

– DONATIONS for the stove and heating wood for the winter (NSHC’s dedicated account for donations: 150-1857058-62; PayPall payments:

– WINTER shoes and clothes for children, warm blankets, etc.

At the beginning of this humanitarian action, we collected the necessary furniture – couches and a bed – which will also be important for this family.

All collected donations will go directly to this family, and the financial contributions will be used in full (100%) for the purchase of stoves and firewood.
NSHC will report regularly on the aid collected.