Radio Television of Vojvodina recently reported on the help at home services provided by NSHC. Here is a part of their report:

„Home carers are available to those who need someone else’s care and help these days. The services have been provided by the Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre for years. Currently there are three caregivers who take care of the needs of 20 elderly beneficiaries. They are also implementing all precautionary measurues (to stop Coronavirus infection),” said Ivana Perić, coordinator of the home care and assistance programme.

“In April and May (during the lockdown), the need for providing services was much smaller compared to previous months, but now the dynamics and volume of work is increasing,” she added.

Those interested in this type of assistance can contact the Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre every working day from 8 am to 4 pm on the phone 021 / 423-021 or via e-mail: