SEED Step III: Support of Educational and Employment Development

The SEED programme contributes to employment, poverty reduction, gender equality and socio-economic development in the region. Within the programme, NSHC promotes employment and self-employment of women and youth in the municipalities of Apatin, Kula, Surdulica and Vladicin Han.

In the previous six-year period, NSHC provided training, grants and mentoring to 31 entrepreneurship initiatives led by women and youth; most of the start-ups developed and achieved sustainability. In addition, NSHC assisted the target municipalities in decentralizing employment measures, improving local employment planning, and promoting self-employment and social entrepreneurship. Inter-municipal meetings and cooperation with […]

Home Care and Help at Home

NSHC is a licensed provider of help at home services for adults and the elderly (license No. 407 of June 21, 2018 issued by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia).

Home care and help at home […]