Age+ (Building Age-Friendly Communities through Intergenerational Action) is a regional project that aims to contribute to the well-being and social inclusion of people over 65 years of age, with a particular focus on gender-specific support adapted to the needs of elderly women and men. NSHC is one of the local partners implementing this project in Novi Sad and Surdulica.

Through the project, we strive to encourage greater participation of older people in dialogue with decision makers; to improve the capacities of service providers through training and study visits; to contribute to the increase in the offer of support services for the elderly through inter-sector cooperation; and to increase the visibility of the elderly in society, to raise awareness of their needs and reduce age discrimination.

Within the project NSHC analyzes the needs of elderly and facilitates the development of local strategies and action plans to improve the position of the elderly population, with the participation of all relevant actors dealing with the elderly population, including the seniors. Training and study visits to age-friendly cities and municipalities abroad, regional exchange and the creation of resources for the transfer of knowledge and skills are planned for local providers of social and health services. Local intergenerational solidarity centres with creative, educational and other activities will be established in Novi Sad and Surdulica. Models and effects of cooperation between older and younger populations will be explored through pilot actions. In addition to the above, NSHC will participate in advocacy activities at the national level in order to introduce the topic of intergenerational solidarity into educational programs. NSHC will facilitate defining of the criteria for “age friendly” label, consider the possibilities of including target municipalities and cities in the Global Network of Cities Friendly to the Elderly, and promote healthy aging and intergenerational solidarity.

The lead project partner is Volkshilfe Solidarität from Vienna, Austria. Local partners are TARA International Consulting from Novi Sad, the Novi Sad Humanitarian Center and NGO Syri and Vizionit from Peja/Peć. The project is implemented in the period 1.1.2023 – 31.12.2025 with donor support from the Austrian Development Agency and Volkshilfe Solidarität.

Find out more about current project activities on Age+Instagram and Facebook pages.