As part of the SEED Step III project, the Novi Sad Humanitarian Center  is opening a Call for grants – for productive entrepreneurial initiatives, aimed at supporting the empowerment and self-employment of women and youth, as well as environmental protection in Apatin, Kula, Surdulica and Vladicin Han.

The SEED Step III project is a regional project to support education and employment. It is implemented by Volkshilfe Solidaritaet (Austria) and its implementation partners: TARA International Consulting as a regional partner and the Novi Sad Humanitarian Center and Syri i Vizionit as local partners. The program is funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and Volkshilfe.

The total value per grant is about 1,870 EUR, and each grant consists of:

1) Materials / equipment (machines, devices, equipment, consumables, furniture and other necessary items for starting and developing your own business) in the amount of 1,600 EUR and

2 ) Trainings in the relevant field, for which about 270 EUR were allocated (NSHC will cover all costs of participation of grant winners in trainings in Sabac. Participation in training is mandatory for grant winners.)

Individuals, entrepreneurs and companies from the municipalities of Apatin, Kula, Surdulica and Vladicin Han who want to start their own business or improve the existing one can apply for the SEED Step III Grant Call. The condition is that the activity exists at least one year before the date of publication of this call.

Grants are intended for young people (persons under the age of 30) and women (regardless of age). In addition, the grants are intended exclusively for production activities based on the principles of the Blue Economy – innovative and sustainable use of available resources and environmental protection, recycling and recycling, renewable energy sources, waste reduction in the broadest possible sense, whether resources, time or energy.

The deadline for submitting applications is December 6, 2021.