The “Paperclip” project contributes to the creation of an inclusive community, in which the senior citizens live actively, healthily and safely. The “Paperclip” aims to promote inter-generational solidarity and care for our senior citizens, as well as to raise awareness of the important role that seniors play in society. The two-year project began on January 1, 2021, with the support of Diakonia ACT Austria. The project is funded by Otto per Mille of the Waldensian Church of Italy.

The following activities are planned within the project:

– Inter-generational club “Paperclip” is a place for volunteer activities that bring together the elderly and the young, in the premises of NSHC in Novi Sad. Club activities are held once or twice a week, with all the necessary preventive measures to protect health and prevent the spread of Corona-virus. The planned activities are: socializing, creative activities, training of the elderly on how to use modern technologies (smartphones, ATMs, tablets and computers), as well as inter-generational volunteering.

– For the most vulnerable elderly people with reduced mobility, NSHC will provide home care and home help services. The services will be provided by trained home carers.

– Through an online campaign and appearances in local media, NSHC will strive to raise awareness of the importance of inter-generational solidarity and of the valuable contribution that older people make to society. Their active participation in the life of the community will be promoted, with messages calling for solidarity and support for the most vulnerable elderly people.