Home care and help at home services are aimed for adults and the elderly who need assistance in performing activities of daily living. The purpose of the service is to improve or maintain the quality of life of the beneficiary in his / her own household and to prevent accommodation in the institution.

NSHC’s help at home services encompass:

  • Help in maintaining personal hygiene: help with getting dressed, washing and bathing, combing hair, feeding, personal hygiene tasks associated with getting to and from the toilet, continence, etc.
  • Housekeeping – maintaining an acceptable level of cleanliness in one’s home: washing and maintaining the hygiene of bedding, clothing, footwear, maintaining the cleanliness of rooms, dishes and appliances in the household;
  • Assistance in shopping for groceries, cooking of light meals, preparation of refreshing drinks, serving the meals and cleaning up;
  • Assistance in heating the premises, including, if necessary: ​​lighting a fire, cleaning the stove, assistance in procuring firewood;
  • Assistance in meeting social, cultural and other needs, including: assistance in moving inside and outside the home, getting the newspapers and books, encouraging social contacts, etc;
  • Provision of medicines prescribed by the doctor, accompaniment to medical appointments;
  • Rehabilitation and care of minor injuries (scratches, small cuts, etc.), control of vital functions (measurement of blood pressure, body temperature, etc.).

For more information about the services, feel free to visit our office (at Arse Teodorovića Street no.3 in Novi Sad) or call: (021) 423-021 or 423-024 – weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00.
You can also send us a message on Viber: 062-154-3044 or send an e-mail to: pomocukuci.nshc@gmail.com.

NSHC is a licensed provider of help at home services for adults and the elderly (license No. 407 of June 21, 2018 issued by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia).